Tuesday, December 19, 2006

T'was the Week before Christmas

I had a very hectic start. We've got a lot of appointments this week, and they were at difficult times. I spent the first hour of my day trying to rearrange things so that things could run reasonably smoothly. This is the smooth version....

Today: Chiro across town
Tomorrow: Physio at home
Thursday Morning: Blood Test at the Children's
Thursday Afternoon: MRI (under a general anesthetic) at the Children's

I had really wanted Sheena's blood done while she was under a GA, but that is not going to work. She needs to have the blood test just before she has her Epilim first thing in the morning or at night. The MRI is booked in for midday, and that can't be changed. I am still thinking of not doing the Blood test on Thursday morning, because Sheena will be fasting, and I won't be able to give her a comfort feed after the blood test. She screams, and gets very distressed. I might end up doing that Thursday evening, or Friday morning.

It's really difficult navigating through all of this stuff - and this is just the medical side of things. Concurrently, I am also working out what sort of Early Intervention we are going to have for Sheena next year. With a week like this, I can see why we qualify for respite even when Sheena is not acutely sick.

So that was the hectic bit, then the fun bit. We had our Mother's Group joint birthday party for the babies. Sheena had a fantastic time, and played very well on an activity mat, and smiled at the other babies when they came over to play with her. It helps that she had a 12 hour sleep overnight. She was much better at this party than at the outdoor celebrations over the weekend, so maybe she was more comfortable.

Here she is asleep in the car after too many Christmas parties.


Michelle said...

I hope you get the blood work figured out- too bad it couldn't be done while she was under GA!

Sounds like she had a wonderful time at the birthday party!

Jessica said...

Blood work is a pain! I tried getting them to do Joey's while he was under last week and they wouldn't do it.

The party sounded fun!