Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sheena Snuggles with Santa

Yes, Sheena didn't just sit on Santa's knee, she went straight in for a snuggle. We had a Christmas party with my local mother's group today, and one of the girl's had organised a visit from Santa. Some of the babies were not too sure when it was their turn to get their present, but I think they could all tell that it was a big deal to sit on Santa's knee.


Shelley said...

Oh Lucky you! I'd love a photo of the brats with Santa but they won't have anything to do with a real one - especially Hannah who shakes her head and arches her back and fake cries to escape even looking at him in the shopping centre! Enjoy it while it lasts - no doubt Sheena will become as uncooperative as my two soon enough!

Michelle said...

what a sweet picture! Glad she enjoyed herself :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely photo. She looks like she had fun.