Friday, December 08, 2006

Possum Patrol

We've got a baby possum that is living in our ensuite window sill. It is really freaky to be brushing your teeth, and this little possum is staring at you - half looking terrified and half looking friendly. I am generally scared of wild animals, so I am always assessing if the little thing is going to claw its way into the bathroom, and start scratching me all over. It is probably wondering the same thing. So we have this I am scared of you, and you are scared of me thing going on. I wonder if it will be there tomorrow morning.

Sheena had a physiotherapy appointment today. She worked very hard for an hour, then had a drink and a 2 hour nap. Poor bubba, its like doing a triathlon for a 11 month old. Her physio is keen for Sheena have lots of over-the-top activities to get her going. I will give it a go, but I think Sheena is moving ahead leaps and bounds all by herself at the moment anyway. Sheena has to do so many exercises: kneeling, squating, rolling over a cylinder thing - it is really intense. It is actually very hard for me to support her while she is doing it, so my abs get a work out at the same time. She is over 9kg now, so she is heavy to hold while trying to make her use her own muscles to move or bear weight. Our project of the week is to get Sheena's lower abs stronger, so we'll keep this in mind whenever we carry her or position her.


Christy said...

Jo - is that a recent photo of Sheena? Either way she is so beautiful.
YUCK about the possum. I would be keeping FAR away from the ensuite. Can't stand wild animals, actually any animal which isn't my own two dogs.

Jessica said...

WOW! I would have freaked out seeing a possum in our window! I would have felt the same way as you did!

Sheena is looking great! Sounds like she is getting one heck of a good work out!

Michelle said...

Beautiful smile on Sheena's face!
That possum would freak me out - there is no way we could co-exist that close!

mum2brady said...

How fun about the possum - I think they're kinda cute ;)

What a gorgeous picture of Sheena - she is so smiley and beautiful!!!