Saturday, December 30, 2006

Prop and Rock

Today, Sheena was not up to much on the living room floor, so I popped her in her high-chair, and then she was off. She started banging toys around, and was very pleased with herself. She can be so hit and miss. Sometimes she will be so excited about not much, whereas other times we'll be trying hard to get her interested in something, and she couldn't care less.

When she is propping in prone, she now rocks from side to side. It is very cute.

Last night while at friend's house for a party, it was our first night that we've had to do the sleeping baby move from spare-room, to car, to bed. We'd relied on Nan or baby-sitters previously. Sheena woke up, but was just really smiley, and when I tucked her into bed, she went down no-worries.


Michelle said...

sounds like she was having a lot of fun in her chair!

Happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I could just kiss those sweet cheeks. She has such an amazing smile. She's so darn cute.