Friday, December 21, 2007

Santas little helper

Sheena is over the worst of her gastro, and she is back to eating and drinking. She lost a lot of weight, naturally enough, so she'll be able to have a few extra Christmas treats - namely trifle I am sure.

We had some flooding in the house yesterday. Luckily hubby was home caring for Sheena at the time, as I'd have hated to be the one rushing around getting buckets, let alone neither of us being home, and the house being properly flooded. Here is the water gushing through the lounge

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wait and see.

Sheena had to get a nasal-gastric tube put in today, as she's become worse with her Gastro. She was so sick, she had no energy to put up a fight when they put the tube in, but they had 'boxing glove' bandages on her anyway just in case. They loaded her up with 600mls of gastrolite, and I was expecting a bright and bubbly little girl by the end of it, but she was still very lethargic and listless. There is nothing they can do to treat Gastro, other than make sure the kids don't get too dehydrated, so once she was loaded up, we were sent home.
The Doctors and Nurses were annoying me by saying, 'oh, she's looking a lot better', after 300mls had gone down, while she was still wilting away in my lap barely able to lift her head off my chest. At first I went along with their positive talk (or at least tolerated it), which I am sure is a strategy to rush everyone home from hospital as soon as possible, but after the 600mls had gone down, and they tried it again, I said, that she was a long, long, long way from looking anywhere near ok. They fairly took a step back because it was so disingenuous anyway. She probably took her head off my chest for a total of 2 minutes for her whole 6 hours in hospital. The hard thing is that with gastro, you're meant to treat it as an emergency and get your kid seen to if they become listless. However, we were sent home with a very weak and listless girl. Very frustrating on one level, but at the same time, if there is no intervention they'll do anyway, everyone is much more comfy at home. They didn't want to overload her with fluids any more on account of her heart defect. So we shall see.
Anyway, in the big scheme of things, we're so lucky we're close to such a good children's hospital, where we get A1 treatment for free.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A walk with Daddy

Sheena has had a tough past couple of days with gastro. Not much fun for me either - she had 3 emergency baths on Friday for obvious reasons. Oddly enough, she was in fine-enough form on Friday, but yesterday and today, has been more unsettled than usual. Doesn't help not being allowed milk, and probably being slightly dehydrated.

She still has bursts of being very playful. Here she is doing some walking with her favorite person of the moment:

Quite a short walk, but she was distracted by the video camera.

Friday, December 14, 2007

On your bike

There are lots of cute pics of this little exploit, but here are 3 rather cute ones.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Summer Accessories

Sheena got a matching hat and bag from Kris Kringle. Very smart.

She's fond of doing push-ups with her daddy, generally making it harder for him anyway she can. She now calls him "daddy" rather than "dada". If there is a noise anywherein the house, she thinks its him, and then "daddy, daddy". She uses him as her own baby walker, taking steps behind him as he shuffles forward.
Sheena took a few steps just holding onto one hand today. She's also going through books on her own, and she'll flick through the pages by herself before coming over for me to read her a story. It was her last playgroup for the year. I didn't go as I was not 100%, but they had party food, and a nice little celebration to wrap up the year.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Welcome to Christmas

We went to our first Christmas party for the year.

Its a bit hard to bum shuffle on a jumping castle, so we saw Sheena some-what crawl today as she tried to check out the various animal prints.

Sheena was frocked up in her Christmas party dress. It still fits her from last year :)