Friday, December 21, 2007

Santas little helper

Sheena is over the worst of her gastro, and she is back to eating and drinking. She lost a lot of weight, naturally enough, so she'll be able to have a few extra Christmas treats - namely trifle I am sure.

We had some flooding in the house yesterday. Luckily hubby was home caring for Sheena at the time, as I'd have hated to be the one rushing around getting buckets, let alone neither of us being home, and the house being properly flooded. Here is the water gushing through the lounge


Michelle said...

oh she's adorale! Merry Christmas to you guys!

Sorry to hear about the flooding!

amy flege said...

oh no on the flooding. what a mess!! glad sheena is feeling better!

Princess Morgan said...

Sheena is the cutest Santa's helper I have ever seen. Glad she is doing better. Sorry to hear about the flood. UGH! Have a very merry Christmas!

Kim Ayres said...

Merry Christmas - hope you all have a great one :)

Jessica said...

What a cute picture! Happy new year!