Sunday, December 16, 2007

A walk with Daddy

Sheena has had a tough past couple of days with gastro. Not much fun for me either - she had 3 emergency baths on Friday for obvious reasons. Oddly enough, she was in fine-enough form on Friday, but yesterday and today, has been more unsettled than usual. Doesn't help not being allowed milk, and probably being slightly dehydrated.

She still has bursts of being very playful. Here she is doing some walking with her favorite person of the moment:

Quite a short walk, but she was distracted by the video camera.


Kim Ayres said...

Sweet :)

Michelle said...

what a cute video! she sure does get around quick with the butt scoot!

Megan's got 47 said...

oh she is so precious. I am in love with that cute little face. If ok, I am going to put you into my favorites so I can remember to keep coming back.

amy flege said...

so cute!! mayson scoots just like she does on the floor!! i love it. hope she is feeling better.