Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bonding with Baby

Sheena has been doing the actions to lots of songs to amuse Roy. He is suitably amused and smiles or chuckles along. Today it was the Little Green Frog, and Sheena makes the funniest Galoomp noise (you have to know the song for that to make any sense).

Sheena has been really sick for the past few days. Conjunctivitis started Saturday - eye cream from the GP. She had a blue episode on Sunday during breakfast, and had a swollen lip which the GP thinks may have been a severe reaction to the eye cream. Another visit to the GP and now on full-on antibiotics and eye-drops instead of the cream. We're anxious she'll pass it on to Roy, so I am washing away the day. No more blue-episodes, but it was very odd and scary. Here she is looking rather under the weather, but still keen to give Roy a laugh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Body slamming

Sheena is the queen of rough-housing at the moment. She even tugs at her 70 year young Nan's hand to pull her down to go rough-housing all over the lounge room. Its the most exercise Nan has in a week.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

School Days

Sheena has started a new developmental school. She is

2.8 years old, so now qualifies to enter the school system rather than just the early intervention centres. Its still basically an early intervention program, but its funded by the Education Department rather than the Department of Human Services, so it gets A LOT more Government funding, and can extend to 3 days a week, rather than 2 hours a week. We don't think Sheena needs 3 days a week, so for this year she is starting off with 1 day. The facilities are significantly better, with a gymnasium, a shaded outdoor playground with a good surface, and the children get regular 1-1 therapy as well as class activities. Its 1-7 children ratio, with 2 additional support staff in the room. We're quite excited about it, and Sheena did very well on her first day. She picked Banana's in Pyjamas for song time (not one we ever do at home), and the teacher described her as a 'mover'. Yes, we know...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Double up

Sheena is not 100% happy with the double pram. It isn't as comfy as the single buggy, but it serves the purpose for walks in the park, and hopefully for runs once I am completely recovered from the C-section - and once Roy gets a bit bigger.