Thursday, October 30, 2008

Computers 101

Sheena will now drag a dining chair in front of the computer, climb up and start typing or playing with the mouse. It makes a little girl feel very mature.

We've discovered Dora games and sesame street games etc. However, photos of herself are still preferred.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Not surprisingly Sheena has another cold. Temper tantrums aplenty, which is not her usual style. She had a long-long-long sleep today, and needed panadol after dinner - but at least she had dinner.

Here she is on a happier day. I was taking photos of Roy, so she put forward her best smiles to get me to take pics of her. This is her new booster chair now that Roy needs the high chair.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surprise Sleep Study

Sheena had a sleep study Friday night. It was very last minute, as she had been on a cancellation list. We were called at 3pm, and asked if we could be in there by 7.30pm. We decided we could manage it. It was quite an ordeal to say the least - mainly for Sheena, but parental anxiety levels were pretty high too.

We got there at 7.30pm. Her bed time is 7pm, so she was tired before it started (and she'd had a big day because we were not preparing for it). Getting all of the probes and monitors on takes 2 hours - the most intense bit being the first hour where the child has to be awake and upright, In Sheena's case she was also upset because she is sensitive around her head, particularly behind the ears. Hubby and I were both there for this part, because we knew it would be tough, and Nan looked after Roy at home. We read Sheena books and did action songs and got through it better than I expected, but I had built it up. The technician's name was Dora, and she was fantastic. She was studying medicine, and from a bedside manner perspective, I think she'll make a great peadiatric oncologist which is what she wants to specialise in eventually.

Hubby stayed in with Sheena, and he said she had a very disturbed night. Tossing and turning, sitting up looking at the light on the end of her finger like ET. They then woke her up at 5.30 to start taking everything off which was very distressing for Sheena.

The following day, she had a 2 hour nap in the morning, and a 4 hour nap in the afternoon, then back to bed at 7pm. We did squeeze in a trip to a local park for a ride on a Train. Sheena even looks tired in the photos.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Too much

Now that Sheena is going to her developmental school 2 days a week, we are dropping her creche days back to 1 day a week.

Its a tough balance. We want her to be around typically developing children as well as getting all the extra attention and stimulation that her special developmental school can offer.

The little darling had a full day of creche today and she was exhausted. She went to bed at 6.30pm. She denied wanting to go to bed saying "no, no", but signed "book" which is her wind-down ritual anyway. 5 pages later she was off to bed.

From a health perspective, her at home oximetry test came back inconclusive which means we have to have a full sleep-study overnight at the hospital. There is a long waiting list, so we'll be lucky if it is before Christmas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Directing Sheena

Sheena seems to be enjoying her developmental school, and she is now going there 2 days a week. They are moving 5 minutes in our favor in the next couple of months.

Her communication is improving a lot and she particularly likes directing people around the house while she is playing. Here she is making sure Roy and I have a lie down with her on the mat.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I've been really confused this past week. Hubby and I still don't think Sheena is healthy. Her peadiatrition thinks its "nothing sinister", but her cardiologist said that the results from her echo were "important". He rang me yesterday with good news that her 24 hour holter monitor test came back normal, but wants us to see him again after her sleep study this week.

She is certainly in good form, is playful and enthusiastic, but she's not eating much at all, her complexion is off, and she's still needing a lot of sleep. When she was at a play centre yesterday, she still looked a good size in comparison to the other children, so she might not be eating much because her activity levels are relatively low.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sheena the shadow

Pretty impressive splits! Sheena likes to play a game at the moment where she makes a shocked expression, then does a really cheesy smile. She wants someone to do it with her in sync, and it is rather amusing. She has an amazing sense of fun and enthusiasm.

She currently bellows "BAAHDAAH" to get our attention. "Mummy" or "Dadda" would be more civilised, but "BAAHDAAH" has the desired effect, so we'll have to start encouraging her to call for us by name, because its a bit much.

Sheena is still having her mammoth naps in the afternoon, as well as a full sleep overnight. It curtails the daily activities a lot, but we're accommodating it as she obviously needs it at the moment. She has her sleep study this week to see if she has sleep apnea.

Her big cousin Mark is down for a visit, and Sheena is his shadow. She is rather smitten. They rough-house, make big obstical courses for her dollys and soft toys, laugh at her dollys flying around the clothes line. If never heard Sheena giggle so much. Today I'm taking them to an indoor play center. Mark is too old for it, but he'll help Sheena on the equipment while Aunty Christy and I have a coffee.