Thursday, October 30, 2008

Computers 101

Sheena will now drag a dining chair in front of the computer, climb up and start typing or playing with the mouse. It makes a little girl feel very mature.

We've discovered Dora games and sesame street games etc. However, photos of herself are still preferred.


Rosemary said...

Now then, what would you expect? With Computer Parents she just must keep up. She is one smart cookie.

korn said...

Hi! Sheena's mom,

My daughter has DS and also west syndrome. I can say, I was very very depress before until I found Sheena here, she encourages me for a hope that my baby can be recovered from west syndrome like her and your Sheena is a very cute girl . I would like to have some advice from you such as how the doctor treat Sheena etc. I live in France, if I can have your email address or any for me to contact you, I would be appreciated...thank you very much in advance.
Mom of Catherine

Shelley said...

and who could blame a girl when she is just so cute??

korn said...

Hi Jo,

I will leave my email address here.

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Mom of Catherine

Kim Ayres said...

Is Sheena left handed then?