Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baby Bliss

Sheena is doing great. Here she is dressed up like a doll in a cardigan that Granny made her.
We've dropped her to just 1 BF a day in preparation for my week away. We've started giving Sheena some Ginko Biloba which is really good for blood flow/circulation and memory. I hope it helps her circulation now that summer is over. I want to find some that is already in powder form rather than having to crush the tablets each time. She already has her Epilim and Fish Oil in a oral syringe, so its getting to be a hassle again have to give her all this stuff. At least only the Epilim is compulsory, and she takes that not a bother.
She was just delightful today. She had a 2 hr sleep in the morning, then another 1 hr sleep in the afternoon. Text book for baby-bliss. She is getting much better with her bottle holding, and she wants to do it herself now as long she's reclined upright just-so, but she isn't prepared to properly use a sippee cup yet. She will pick it up and hold it properly for a few seconds, but then she'll just start playing with it, and throwing it around.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Miss the days.

Easter Holiday was OK. My tummy bug only lasted 24 hours down to the hour.

Visited friends at their new place near the beach in the city. Other than a rather extreme nappy change situation, (a change of clothes and a bath later), Sheena had a pretty good time. She played with another baby for a good long stretch, where they played a very peaceful version of tug-a-war with a toy.

It was a dinner party where half the guests had young children, and the other half didn't. Makes me miss the parties where we could go to and be reliable to engage in good conversation rather than managing extreme nappy changes.

Speaking of conversations, I am very confident that I would not have been the type to ask 'did you have the tests?'. I am starting to think that it is very disrespectful to Sheena to answer the question. I am mostly very patient with questions like this, but given that Sheena is my much-loved daughter, I don't think people really understand the virtuality of what they are asking. People also assume that I am an expert on pre-natal testing which is ridiculous. I recently was close to walking away from a conversation around this, but decided to change the topic of conversation instead. I could not be stuffed going through the verbiage for no benefit of my own. A while ago, to a remote acquaintance who asked me in front of about 5 other people, I just answered, "Why?" I don't even think the women got the point, but I think the more intelligent people in room did.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hi Everyone

I am sick. Started getting much better around 11am, and could actually move from the beanbag to the couch without it taking an hour to will myself to make the mighty move. Thankfully this bug is looking like it is going to be one of those 24 hour bugs that people like to refer to.

We had a review appointment with Sheena's Peadiatrition this week. He was very impressed with how well she is looking. He is going to organise another EEG in case we are missing absence seizures, but even if she is having these events, they are not effecting her development or happiness, so it is not panic-stations like before. There have been a couple of signs of absences, but most of the time they could also be her being tired or not liking her food, so only an EEG can tell for sure. He has given her a lotion for her craddle cap that was resilient to every home remedy and chemist treatment there is on the market. Yea, it has worked. 8 hours later and it is looking much much better.

Sheena is now pivoting 360' while she is sitting. She also sits and rocks, but hasn't exactly got enough momentum yet to make distance. It is very cute.

So, with this stomach bug, I can't see myself eating too many easter eggs tomorrow. They will wait. Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Picnic with Pop

Here is Sheena a while back catching a few too many rays. She ended up with a very red face after this play in the backyard.
All is running smoothly. I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that Sheena is OK, and that every little bit of progress is not a miracle.
We seem to have had a weekend catching up with other parents that have kids with DS. It is good to hear how they're working/using the system, and to see how their bubba's are going. Often with the services it depends so much on the person rather than the service structure. It is truely a maze out there.
Otherwise I have work trip at the end of the month, and baby Sheena is going to have 5 whole nights without mum. Worse still 5 whole morning and nights without mummy-milky. This is going to be interesting.