Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Picnic with Pop

Here is Sheena a while back catching a few too many rays. She ended up with a very red face after this play in the backyard.
All is running smoothly. I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that Sheena is OK, and that every little bit of progress is not a miracle.
We seem to have had a weekend catching up with other parents that have kids with DS. It is good to hear how they're working/using the system, and to see how their bubba's are going. Often with the services it depends so much on the person rather than the service structure. It is truely a maze out there.
Otherwise I have work trip at the end of the month, and baby Sheena is going to have 5 whole nights without mum. Worse still 5 whole morning and nights without mummy-milky. This is going to be interesting.


Kim Ayres said...

Hope it goes ok for you

L. Noelle said...

She's Cute As Ever! By the way, I have a very informative post today, incase you are interested, I hope you stop by and read! Thanks.

L. Noelle said...

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Please email with any other questions! Great to hear from you.