Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sheena is besotted with her big cousin Mark, who is now almost 10. She calls him Marr.

He came around to our house for an evening visit 5 minutes before Sheena's usual bedtime. Bedtime was then out of the question, and her eyes were full of wonder (like this photo) for his whole visit. It really melts the heart how much she adores him.

Meanwhile, I am rather pleased to have realised that Sheena will tolerate me holding onto her wrist when we are out walking. Up until now I've tried holding her hand, and she'll pull it away. If I persist, she'll sit down in protest. Quite the Miss Independence. Naturally this was not ideal from a safety perspective, especially if we're on a busy street, so I'm glad to have worked out that she'll still walk if I hold her wrist.

Sheena is very keen at waving hello to people at the moment, and when she sees a car, she'll do the car sign first, then wave hello to the people in the car as well. She was busy waving hello to a car driving outside the front of our house, and she got a few waves back as she usually gets. The front passenger of the car was a young woman with down syndrome which was nice to see.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elevated TSH

Sheena had a blood test yesterday, because she's been unwell recently, then came up with an unexplained black-eye. I had been planning on taking her to the Doctor, but this was a certain visit. People with DS are 30% or so more likely to develop leukemia, so unexplained bruising, especially around the eyes is worth getting checked out. While we were having a blood test, we also got her Thyroid levels checks, as people with DS are rather prone to Thyroid disorders, and annual check-ups are recommended for this. That extra 21st chromosome likes to throw in a few issues for us parents to worry about.
So with all this, Sheena didn't go to creche, and I didn't go to work.
This morning, before 8am I got a call from the Doctor. Knowing how Doctors work, I figured this was important. Her white and red blood cells were OK (no leukemia), but she has mild hypothyroidism. Elevated TSH, but normal T3 and T4 levels. From what I have read, this means that we might have come across it early, and it probably has not been bothering Sheena. We now have to see the Peadiatrition in the next week, and probably he'll refer us onto an Endocrinologist to get her on medication. Just happy that we know about it, and can sort it out.
We think now that the 'unexplained bruising' was a knock on the side table Sheena had at Nan and Pop's house.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Beach babe

Sheena had visit to the beach, and desperately wanted to have a dip, but it wasn't going to happen as she has been a bit unwell, and it was basically too cold to swim anyway. It was her first visit to the beach since she started walking, so she
made the most of that.

Anyone in the market for a beachhouse? The one on the right is for sale

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Visual Perceptions

Sheena's physiotherapist theorised that her lack of coordination in going downstairs using a good crawling pattern might be because she relies on using her sight a lot. Good theory I think.

She is making progress in her awareness of heights, and she's occasionally rummaged up the strength to pull herself up on the couch. She needs constant supervision at the moment when she's at a height, as she still needs directions to turn around to get down. I don't have the confidence that she'll do it without being told - she's just as likely to bum-off the the couch.

She had a great speech appointment this week, and impressed the Speechy with her chattiness and heaps of signs. Her healthiness makes such a difference to her developmental progress.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sheena's Con

You wouldn't think it from a little pink princess like this, but Sheena conned me that she had thoughtfully adjusted to daylight savings slightly ahead of schedule. One day before the change in time she slept in to 9am, then didn't go to bed until 8.45pm. Of course I was very pleased, and thought that we'd smoothly transition into the new time, but that just hasn't been the case today. She woke up at a good time-adjusted time today, but then wanted her mid-day nap back in the old time zone. She was really cranky wanting her nap.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pirate Dress Ups

I finally made it to a DS Coffee Group today that I haven't been able to go to for about 8 months. This was a school holiday catch up, so children of all ages - siblings, and children and babies with DS were there. Fortunately they had some students there as extra hands on deck to help supervise the children, and to give the parents a few moments to enjoy a coffee and a chat. The little ones played dress-ups and everything else under the sun. Sheena decided a pirate vest was the best, so we might have a tom-boy in the making.

Sheena slept for 3 hours today. Must have been worn out after the morning adventures and creche yesterday.

Otherwise, we're tracking well. I found a bowl at Toys R Us that has assisted Sheena in her spoon feeding. Its got an extra large edge that helps her load her spoon without spilling too much. It is really getting there (at last). Naturally we'd love to that to be well developed for when baby # 2 comes along soon. While on the shopping expedition, we got Sheena a pair of gorgeous new shoes. She's got small, broad, very soft feet, with very flexible ankles, so we have to find something with good support - but at the same time, are not too heavy. The shoe-shop lady seemed to know her stuff, so I am happy with what we've got. Apart from them being $65 for size 5 toddler shoes!!!