Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Visual Perceptions

Sheena's physiotherapist theorised that her lack of coordination in going downstairs using a good crawling pattern might be because she relies on using her sight a lot. Good theory I think.

She is making progress in her awareness of heights, and she's occasionally rummaged up the strength to pull herself up on the couch. She needs constant supervision at the moment when she's at a height, as she still needs directions to turn around to get down. I don't have the confidence that she'll do it without being told - she's just as likely to bum-off the the couch.

She had a great speech appointment this week, and impressed the Speechy with her chattiness and heaps of signs. Her healthiness makes such a difference to her developmental progress.


Shelley said...

What beautiful photoes! I am glad Sheena is doing so well - I love the dress ups - if ever you come up to SYdney we should try and arrange a meeting so she can raid the brats dress up bin. Hannah has that fearlessness too - just assumes all will be ok - it gives me many scary moments I can tell you! Eventually though she gets the hang of it.

Heather said...

Darling pictures! Thank you for your posts as it is always great to have people checking in and lending support.I noticed you posted way back that Sheena had mohawk when she was a baby. Funny thing is Zoey spent her first 6 months with what was renamed the "Zohawk" by one of her primary nurses.We loved the look. Take care and your daughter continues to give me great hope for Zoey

Christy said...

Totally love the photos, but am ready for a new bunch.

mum2brady said...

love the pictures! So great to hear how well Sheena is doing!!! It took a while before Brady would tell US when sitting at the top of the stair to turn around :) She'll get it! Whooo hoooo!!!