Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sheena is besotted with her big cousin Mark, who is now almost 10. She calls him Marr.

He came around to our house for an evening visit 5 minutes before Sheena's usual bedtime. Bedtime was then out of the question, and her eyes were full of wonder (like this photo) for his whole visit. It really melts the heart how much she adores him.

Meanwhile, I am rather pleased to have realised that Sheena will tolerate me holding onto her wrist when we are out walking. Up until now I've tried holding her hand, and she'll pull it away. If I persist, she'll sit down in protest. Quite the Miss Independence. Naturally this was not ideal from a safety perspective, especially if we're on a busy street, so I'm glad to have worked out that she'll still walk if I hold her wrist.

Sheena is very keen at waving hello to people at the moment, and when she sees a car, she'll do the car sign first, then wave hello to the people in the car as well. She was busy waving hello to a car driving outside the front of our house, and she got a few waves back as she usually gets. The front passenger of the car was a young woman with down syndrome which was nice to see.


Mary said...

What a beautiful little girl you have. I see that same adoration in my daughter's eyes every time she looks at her brother.

Christy said...

As Marr's mum I totally understand.
He thinks she is pretty cool too, which isn't a bad thing for a 10 year old to say about a 2 year old.

Shelley said...

How lucky is Mark? I love that look on her face!