Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elevated TSH

Sheena had a blood test yesterday, because she's been unwell recently, then came up with an unexplained black-eye. I had been planning on taking her to the Doctor, but this was a certain visit. People with DS are 30% or so more likely to develop leukemia, so unexplained bruising, especially around the eyes is worth getting checked out. While we were having a blood test, we also got her Thyroid levels checks, as people with DS are rather prone to Thyroid disorders, and annual check-ups are recommended for this. That extra 21st chromosome likes to throw in a few issues for us parents to worry about.
So with all this, Sheena didn't go to creche, and I didn't go to work.
This morning, before 8am I got a call from the Doctor. Knowing how Doctors work, I figured this was important. Her white and red blood cells were OK (no leukemia), but she has mild hypothyroidism. Elevated TSH, but normal T3 and T4 levels. From what I have read, this means that we might have come across it early, and it probably has not been bothering Sheena. We now have to see the Peadiatrition in the next week, and probably he'll refer us onto an Endocrinologist to get her on medication. Just happy that we know about it, and can sort it out.
We think now that the 'unexplained bruising' was a knock on the side table Sheena had at Nan and Pop's house.


Heather said...

Sorry you even had to entertain the thought of the leukemia thing. I wish we all could push that out of our minds. Because Zoey was already born with a transient form it, it is always present in the fore front of our minds. Scares me to death. I hope Sheena gets feeling better soon and I am glad the blood daw yielded answers of some sort.

amy flege said...

oh thank goodness all is Ok!!! A little thyroid issue is simple to deal with