Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pirate Dress Ups

I finally made it to a DS Coffee Group today that I haven't been able to go to for about 8 months. This was a school holiday catch up, so children of all ages - siblings, and children and babies with DS were there. Fortunately they had some students there as extra hands on deck to help supervise the children, and to give the parents a few moments to enjoy a coffee and a chat. The little ones played dress-ups and everything else under the sun. Sheena decided a pirate vest was the best, so we might have a tom-boy in the making.

Sheena slept for 3 hours today. Must have been worn out after the morning adventures and creche yesterday.

Otherwise, we're tracking well. I found a bowl at Toys R Us that has assisted Sheena in her spoon feeding. Its got an extra large edge that helps her load her spoon without spilling too much. It is really getting there (at last). Naturally we'd love to that to be well developed for when baby # 2 comes along soon. While on the shopping expedition, we got Sheena a pair of gorgeous new shoes. She's got small, broad, very soft feet, with very flexible ankles, so we have to find something with good support - but at the same time, are not too heavy. The shoe-shop lady seemed to know her stuff, so I am happy with what we've got. Apart from them being $65 for size 5 toddler shoes!!!


mum2brady said...

Wow - that spendy :) Your cute girl is getting soooo big! Love all her pics - she is just gorgeous!!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Just wondering if Sheena wears foot orthotics such as SMO or UCB.

By the way, Sheena is just absolutely adorable!!!