Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aerobics Anyone?

I think Sheena looks ready to go for to the gym in this outfit. She has been very playful and fun now that she is back 100% healthy. It was bad ear infection, so we're glad its finally over. We're also glad not to be woken up every hour or two over night while she was unwell.
She had speech pathology on Friday, and she has a love-hate relationship with her Speechy. She loves the attention for 70% of the session but when the oral-motor stuff comes in she gets quite upset with the Speechy getting her hands on Sheena's mouth to show her the movement for various sounds. It is very hands-on, but the Speechy is smart enough to leave that bit to the end of the session, so it is mostly fun for Sheena. She thinks Sheena is very sweet and cute, and of course I have to agree :)
Some of the activities including trying to get Sheena to blow out a candle, putting Nutella on a spoon, and getting Sheena to raise her tongue so that it licks her upper lip without lifting her chin in the process, general vibrations in and around the mouth to develop her overall tone and awareness of the area. Putting pressure on her tongue so that it uses muscles to build up resistance. There is a lot more activities too, but you get the idea.
We're teaching Sheena to sign "I want more sultanas", or "I want more .....". She concentrates hard, but hasn't got the "want" worked out yet, so we usually let her get away with just signing "more", but assist her with the "I want more ....." before we give her more. She's still go a few words developing, which is nice to see.
Not so nice is Sheena's apparent claustrophobia. She freaked out massively in the lifts at the hospital like I mentioned, got distressed when we took her into a maze, and then yesterday cried for 10 minutes after I took her into a public toilet with me at the library. Hubby read that it can be just a phase like some kids have separation anxiety when they're around 1 yr old. Hopefully this is the case.

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