Saturday, March 08, 2008


Here we are eating a big chunk of Apple, or Ap-ple in Sheena-talk. A dietition came to speak to the mum's at Sheena's EI Playgroup. After talking about eating issues with the other parents of kids that are developmentally delayed, I realised that Sheena is actually doing very, very well. She doesn't mind variety, textures don't stress her out too much, and she'd prefer bread over a muffin, actually I think she'd prefer bread over anything at the moment. This is not to say that we don't have issues on the eating front. Sheena's system is not 100% and she'll still spit-up about 3 times a day. We could opt to go down the medical line of having drugs to stop the reflux, but its not bothering her, so we're going down the regular washing line instead. Also, as I have mentioned before, we're having a long haul with the spoon feeding, but that is a fine motor/co-ordinatation issue. She can finger feed OK, and she's recently learnt to eat toast in mouthfuls herself, rather than me cutting it up for her.

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