Friday, March 07, 2008

Sheena has spoken

We're getting a few words from Sheena these days. She can say book, apple, paper, more, ta and once she said Wiggles as clear as day when I put it on for her. Her signing is expanding - she can now do biscuit, saltanas. Biscuit is rather flash for those that know Auslan, as it takes a bit of fine motor to perfect it. We're currently working on 3 sign sequence: "I want food", or "I want book". I was baby-sitting a baby boy recently, and its a habbit for me now to do sign language with little ones. I was reading Sheena and him a book and asking him if he wanted more, doing all the signs for the animals in the books and the sign language naturally just goes with it these days.

Sheena is going to have a little bro or sis in the house to keep her amused in 3 months time. Should keep her mum and dad amused too I am sure. Sheena has been wondering why her mum is soooooo tired these days. The tiredness did not seem to go away after the first trimestor like it is supposed to.


Kim Ayres said...


And it's great that Sheena's talking and signing is coming one :)

Christina said...

Go Sheena (and Momma too)

Shelley said...

Hey you sneaky Mum - CONGRATULATIONS!! Gotta love the signing - I always enjoy it too.

amy flege said...

holy moly!! congratulations!!! how exciting for you guys! sheena will be a great big sister!