Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Horrible Wednesday

We had a horrid day. 2 hospital appointments. Sheena had a febrile convulsion 3 wks ago, so she needed an EEG to see if it was epileptic, or 'just one of those things' that baby's can have to stress out their parents. With Sheena's history the stress levels were +++++.

Her EEG was at 10.30. She hates them with a passion, and gets very stressed out and cries. Fortuntately Hubby came with me to the EEG, as I knew it would be a horrible experience. It was...

Anyway, Sheena also has developed a fear of lifts. Impossible at RCH to manage a chubby bubby, a pram and 8 flights of stairs without using a lift. Of course the lifts are crowded, so its a case of stopping at each floor, and her trembling and screaming all the way. I don't know why she is so fearful - whether its the noise, or confined space or the pressure.

As hubby was there after the 1st appointment, I walked her down the 8 flights of stairs rather than her getting more upset in the lift again after having just had the EEG.

Then, we had and early lunch, and Hubby had to go back to work. She wasn't very hungry after her EEG, but afterwards she was a ball of energy, and wanted to run up and down the corridors. I have to shadow her, because you never know where the stairs are, or if a door is going to be opened. Sheena doesn't manage stairs at all yet, so even a step could be a disaster. Of course at 7 months pregnant, the frequent pick-ups to stop her causing a raucus got rather wearing. The Starlight indoor play area was closed over the lunch hour, so I took her outside to the playground. With the temperature in the high 20s and in the the midday sun, fair Sheena (without a hat - because why would you take a hat to hospital), and her pregnant mum could only manage the sandpit for 15 minutes before we got too hot. Back inside, and more running up and down the corridors (with me now rather hot as well as bothered). The Starlight room was 20 minutes late to open, so we only had 10 minutes of relatively easy playtime with cool toys before we had to go up the dreaded lifts again to our Neurologist Appt. Another 8 floors of screaming and genuine fear. Very stressful. Now at 1.30 Sheena was tired, and happy to give me cuddles in the waiting room rather than running the corridors.

The Neurology Appointment was all good news. Sheena's EEG was perfectly clear. While she had her EEG which lasted about an hour, she fell asleep from exhaustion from crying so much, and this optimal for the test. While she lay in my lap, she did several 'jumps' in her sleep that Hubby had been worried about. Fortunately from her being monitored and videotaped, the Neurologist could rule them out as being anything sinister, and they were just normal myoclonic jerks that everyone has in their sleep.

So, an eventful day. When Sheena and I got home from hospital, we both managed to have a much needed nap.


~Melissa~ said...

That sounds like a really tough day!
I'm glad the results in the end were good and that you don't have to be stressed about things.

Shelley said...

So glad the tests were clear - what a dreadful day though. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

Beth said...

Wow - that does sound like a rough day!! I am glad you "survived" and that the tests results were all good news!!!

And I didn't realize you were pregnant - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Look forward to "meeting" the new little one!

Take care,