Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blink and you'd miss it

These are Sheena's play glasses in preparation to get her to wear proper glasses. They stayed on about 2 seconds so I was lucky to get this shot. She simply will not tollerate them on her ears.

Sheena visited her Nan and Pop today and they took her with them to their Weight Watching club. They expected her to be bashful and keen for nanna-cuddles which is how she behaves when she visits their neighbours. However, weight watching club turned into a social outing, where Sheena spoke to all the members, played about and then did a weigh-in herself and came in at 16.9 kgs. She ate morning tea in front of all the dieters and was then asked to sit between nan and pop and quietly read a book while they had their meeting. Sheena could not quite manage this, and was making all the animal sounds in her story, so her Pop took her for a walk while the meeting ran its course.

She is stretching out her mornings, and is now going down for a nap at 1.45 pm instead of 12.30pm. It is odd how it can suddenly just change. I remember the same thing happened when she went from 2 naps to 1 per day.