Sunday, November 08, 2009

November News

Sheena is toilet training at the moment. It is 100% parent-led as she is not showing the usual signs of readiness, but we're keen for progress and Sheena sometimes needs a push with these things. We've had 2 successes, which is fantastic. She is very reluctant to go to the potty, but once she is there she does a fantastic job with the whole process from start to end. I have to completely help her with getting her pants up and down, but the rest she can manage very well (other than turning the taps on which is fair enough). We're taking her six times a day after each meal, but she still wears a night time nappy. I've got she early intervention and creche on board so that they keep the pattern going when she is outside the home.

She completely can not handle the heat. She went bright red from head to toes after playing in a friend's pool, then being in a hot car for 5 minutes tops. It looked like she was sun-burnt but she was just hot. I don't think she sweats properly. I worry about her at childcare in that way, but I am going to get them to give her a cool face washer to cool her down several times over the day when she goes tomorrow, because its going to be 32.