Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Summer soon.

Sheena has been enjoying our new lawn. I have too! Its been on the want list for a couple of years. Sheena only started toddling last summer, but this year it will definitely have a lot of use.

Sheena now makes an attempt at saying people's names. When I say we are going to see "Mel", she'll say it back. Same with "Barb" and "Roz". Names like Robyn are harder, but she does have a couple 2 syllable words like "cooking" (oddly enough), but its her toy cooking set that got that going.

Her other little accomplishment is getting onto her toy riders by climbing on in the right way. Before she would bum backwards, then get her stability, then fling her let over. She's obviously got enough stability now to stand and fling a leg over without having to sit first. I am always very impressed regardless of how she works out how to manage things based on how her body works.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ticking the Boxes

It started in January 2008 when Sheena turned 2 - photos to prove it. We decided that we'd accept the mess and encourage Sheena to self feed. Her fine motor skills have always been particularly delayed, so it was a skill that Hubby and I have really wanted Sheena to accomplish - especially knowing that we'd have a new baby to look after in June. A few times I'd asked the OT, does she actually have the ability to do it, and I'd need convincing that we were not wasting our time.

Today, in November 2008, Sheena managed breakfast and dinner all on her own with a spoon and fork (lunch has always been the easy meal with a sandwich). It has been a frustrating, messy, time-consuming, and sometimes a battle-of-wills effort. Next comes the toilet training...

Fantastic to have this box ticked off though. I feel like celebrating.