Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hi Everyone

I am sick. Started getting much better around 11am, and could actually move from the beanbag to the couch without it taking an hour to will myself to make the mighty move. Thankfully this bug is looking like it is going to be one of those 24 hour bugs that people like to refer to.

We had a review appointment with Sheena's Peadiatrition this week. He was very impressed with how well she is looking. He is going to organise another EEG in case we are missing absence seizures, but even if she is having these events, they are not effecting her development or happiness, so it is not panic-stations like before. There have been a couple of signs of absences, but most of the time they could also be her being tired or not liking her food, so only an EEG can tell for sure. He has given her a lotion for her craddle cap that was resilient to every home remedy and chemist treatment there is on the market. Yea, it has worked. 8 hours later and it is looking much much better.

Sheena is now pivoting 360' while she is sitting. She also sits and rocks, but hasn't exactly got enough momentum yet to make distance. It is very cute.

So, with this stomach bug, I can't see myself eating too many easter eggs tomorrow. They will wait. Happy Easter.


Kim Ayres said...

Get well soon!

Shelley said...

Oh dear - the eggs wouldn't last in this house - not now that Kit and hannah understand eggs can also mean chocolate! Hope you get better soon. Happy Easter.

Sara said...

Happy Easter to you and your adorable little girl too.. Hope you are feeling better