Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sheena the shadow

Pretty impressive splits! Sheena likes to play a game at the moment where she makes a shocked expression, then does a really cheesy smile. She wants someone to do it with her in sync, and it is rather amusing. She has an amazing sense of fun and enthusiasm.

She currently bellows "BAAHDAAH" to get our attention. "Mummy" or "Dadda" would be more civilised, but "BAAHDAAH" has the desired effect, so we'll have to start encouraging her to call for us by name, because its a bit much.

Sheena is still having her mammoth naps in the afternoon, as well as a full sleep overnight. It curtails the daily activities a lot, but we're accommodating it as she obviously needs it at the moment. She has her sleep study this week to see if she has sleep apnea.

Her big cousin Mark is down for a visit, and Sheena is his shadow. She is rather smitten. They rough-house, make big obstical courses for her dollys and soft toys, laugh at her dollys flying around the clothes line. If never heard Sheena giggle so much. Today I'm taking them to an indoor play center. Mark is too old for it, but he'll help Sheena on the equipment while Aunty Christy and I have a coffee.


Heather said...

Too darn cute Miss Sheena and brother Roy .... he is getting so big and handsome too!!

Michelle said...

such cute pictures! Kayla has been climbing into the crib with Lucas too.