Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surprise Sleep Study

Sheena had a sleep study Friday night. It was very last minute, as she had been on a cancellation list. We were called at 3pm, and asked if we could be in there by 7.30pm. We decided we could manage it. It was quite an ordeal to say the least - mainly for Sheena, but parental anxiety levels were pretty high too.

We got there at 7.30pm. Her bed time is 7pm, so she was tired before it started (and she'd had a big day because we were not preparing for it). Getting all of the probes and monitors on takes 2 hours - the most intense bit being the first hour where the child has to be awake and upright, In Sheena's case she was also upset because she is sensitive around her head, particularly behind the ears. Hubby and I were both there for this part, because we knew it would be tough, and Nan looked after Roy at home. We read Sheena books and did action songs and got through it better than I expected, but I had built it up. The technician's name was Dora, and she was fantastic. She was studying medicine, and from a bedside manner perspective, I think she'll make a great peadiatric oncologist which is what she wants to specialise in eventually.

Hubby stayed in with Sheena, and he said she had a very disturbed night. Tossing and turning, sitting up looking at the light on the end of her finger like ET. They then woke her up at 5.30 to start taking everything off which was very distressing for Sheena.

The following day, she had a 2 hour nap in the morning, and a 4 hour nap in the afternoon, then back to bed at 7pm. We did squeeze in a trip to a local park for a ride on a Train. Sheena even looks tired in the photos.


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Sounds like such a tough time! I hope Sheena and all of you get some restful sleep!

datri said...

I hate sleep studies. In my 4 year old daughter's technician notes it says "Patient was uncooperative and angry." Gee, imagine that. ::eyeroll::

Heather said...

Hope the testing yields some answers.Sorry Sheena continues to be a tired little thing.Try not to worry,you sound like your in good hands.