Monday, October 20, 2008

Too much

Now that Sheena is going to her developmental school 2 days a week, we are dropping her creche days back to 1 day a week.

Its a tough balance. We want her to be around typically developing children as well as getting all the extra attention and stimulation that her special developmental school can offer.

The little darling had a full day of creche today and she was exhausted. She went to bed at 6.30pm. She denied wanting to go to bed saying "no, no", but signed "book" which is her wind-down ritual anyway. 5 pages later she was off to bed.

From a health perspective, her at home oximetry test came back inconclusive which means we have to have a full sleep-study overnight at the hospital. There is a long waiting list, so we'll be lucky if it is before Christmas.

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Shelley said...

The soft toy photo of Roy is just gorgeous! I have to book Han in for a sleep study too - something I have been putting off for the last 6 months.