Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Summer Accessories

Sheena got a matching hat and bag from Kris Kringle. Very smart.

She's fond of doing push-ups with her daddy, generally making it harder for him anyway she can. She now calls him "daddy" rather than "dada". If there is a noise anywherein the house, she thinks its him, and then "daddy, daddy". She uses him as her own baby walker, taking steps behind him as he shuffles forward.
Sheena took a few steps just holding onto one hand today. She's also going through books on her own, and she'll flick through the pages by herself before coming over for me to read her a story. It was her last playgroup for the year. I didn't go as I was not 100%, but they had party food, and a nice little celebration to wrap up the year.

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~Melissa~ said...

She's doing so well - I love her matching gifts - great present!