Sunday, December 10, 2006

Still Hot

We are still stuck in side from the heat. We even moved downstairs for the day, because it is a lot colder down in the rumpus.

We received a parcel from hubby's mum in Ireland. She sent two gorgeous smocked Christmas dresses for Sheena. One green, and one red. Isn't it just gorgeous - all the detail, and even the little sleeves are shaped like a fairy-dress.
I saw the poor baby-possum trying to get comfortable in the ensuite window sill this morning. The window wasn't open, but he was still trying. Must not have been much good, because he'd moved on the next time I went in there.


Michelle said...

what a gorgeous dress - it looks beautiful on Sheena!

Christy said...


Kim Ayres said...

Still find it difficult to get my head around the idea pf a heatwave in December. It's cold, wet and bleak here.

Christy said...

Kim - Australia is bloody hot!
Walked out of work (nice air conditioning) and fel like walking into an oven - once outside. Just wrong.

mum2brady said...

That dress is beautiful, and it looks soooo darling on your cute girl!!! Love that you're having such warm weather - send some our way :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on this one before, but I guess not.

The dress is super cute. It looks very nice on her.