Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sheena's First Report Card

Here is Sheena with Cam from her play group. Aren't they the cutest.

Two days in a row, Sheena has decided to barely sleep in the day. Hmmmm. Not happy with this little trend, although it has not been her fault. Yesterday she was dozing off, and she got rudely awoken to have some Chiropractic treatment. Today, she was in Childcare for the day, and she is probably struggling with the noisy environment. Despite not having good long naps, she has been a delight. She has been really smiley, and very enthusiastic to chat, play and wriggle.

At Childcare, they write a little summary of the baby's day. Here is what they reported about Sheena:

"Sheena has been very alert today with good strong movements whilst on her tummy. Sheena enjoyed one of the older children interacting with her. Sheena enjoyed playing with the rattles and has had a good palmer grasp of these. Sheena has also been very vocal today and has responded well to carers."

I was assured that her being very vocal was not been her being upset, but rather her very chatty nature, where she likes to ahhhhhgggoo back to anyone who pays her the slightest bit of attention.

She was so excited and alert when we got home after picking her up from the centre. I was expecting her to be really warn-out from such a long day, but she was so stimulated and responding to everything with great enthusiasm. This wasn't a 20 minute patch, but it went on for almost 2 hours. She only gave in after having a bath and then a cuddle.


Michelle said...

what a great first report card - I'm sure that made your day to read how well she did!

Jessica said...

WTG Sheena! What a wonderful first report card!

Christy said...

Very impressed. Don't you just love those childcare reports. So formal and school like yet she's a baby!!!

mum2brady said...

ahhh - WTG - what a great report card Sheena! Sounds like she is doing great - sooo happy to hear it!!!