Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In Amongst It

Sheena had a very exciting day yesterday. She seems to have really responded to all the new toys we bought her, and is a lot more excited about things. It helps of course that she is on her 'happy pills' (antibiotics) and is feeling good.
I was hopeless again, and opened more of Sheena's Christmas presents, because I couldn't wait. Here she is in amongst her new balls playing catch. I didn't get a good photo of her looking really excited, but here she is looking shocked instead.
I had to go to Noah's Arc toy library to borrow another corner chair for Sheena so she can have one Childcare. They found one that fitted her, but it is really old and ugly (really ugly), so I asked them if I could paint it, and jazz it up a bit. It wouldn't be right for her to be sitting in such an ugly chair. The therapist was fine with that, and actually said, that she couldn't agree with me more, and that she hated having to lend out such old equipment - but as usual, its a funding thing.


Jessica said...

How fun! Joey wants to come over and play with Sheena in the balls! I loved those things when I was little!

Michelle said...

How funny that you couldn't wait and had to open some of her presents already! That is wonderful that she is enjoying her new toys!

Christy said...

Is Sheena in a laundry basket?
What a strange woman you are :)