Saturday, December 02, 2006

Can't wait for Christmas

Sheena is feeling good today. Unfortunately it took antibiotics again to get her there. She's been sick since Tuesday with a cold/infection, so she's been miserable and running temperatures on and off. I went to the Doctor yesterday as she was 38.3 and sleeping most of the day, off her solids etc etc.

She missed childcare on Thursday, which is a big shame. Childcare have already organised an extra staff member in the baby's room for when Sheena goes. It is government funded, and its been approved for Sheena very quickly. One of our friends took 6 months to secure an extra staff member for her daughter. As usual it makes such a difference depending on who is coordinating it, and we lucked in this time. After my friend's experience, I was hassling them a lot about it, so that probably pushed them on a lot. Most of her issues are small at the moment, but add them all up, and she is a lot more work than most 10 month olds. She's only taking puree, slow with her bottle, needs early intervention activities. All this stuff takes more time - so I am feeling happier that she's going to be well looked after while in the centre.

The upside is that now Sheena is back on her happy pills (i.e. antibiotics), she is interested in life again. I went to Windmill's today, and got Sheena a few things for Christmas. Their toys are fantastic, so I couldn't wait for Christmas, and Sheena had a great time playing with them in her corner chair.
Sheena's Daddy gets smiles very easily as you can see.


Michelle said...

What a cute picture! She looks so happy and content there :)

Jessica said...

She looks so happy with her Daddy!