Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well the day did not run smoothly at all. I barely slept, thinking that Sheena would be very difficult to manage all morning because of the fasting. I was awake waiting for the 4.30am alarm to go off, so I ended up feeding her at 4am, just to get it over with. She went back to sleep, not a bother, and all morning she was a dream. I kept her activity levels to an absolute minimum, and left her in her cot until 8am, despite her being awake at 7am, as I thought she'd start expecting food if I got her up. I only got her up at 8am, because she needed her Epilim then, but she was absolutely fine.

Hubby took some time off work to come into the hospital with us, and we got in there by 11am, as requested. "They'll just be 20 minutes". Fine, that is expected... Had a brief consult with a nice nurse who read through the brochure we'd be given. "The anesthetist will just be 20 minutes" OK... This went on and on and on and on. Several people came to speak to us that did nothing at all, other than move us from one area to another, or maybe come to say, "they're just a bit delayed because patient X had to have a lumbar puncture while under the GA". Then at 12.30, we were told that it wouldn't be until 2pm. By this time, Sheena was wilting on my lap, her fontanelle sunken, and she was not asking for food. I said to them that I didn't want Sheena to be sick for the next week because of getting dehydrated thanks to all of these crazy delays. They said that they wouldn't let that happen, but even-so, I ensured that they give her some fluids while she was under so that she'd have the oportunity to bounce back. I also asked them if it was a 'lunch time' issue, because by this stage, I didn't really care if that came across as rude. "No, that's not it", the Dr said, not looking me in the eye. I don't think it was any coincidence that she was held further still from 12.30 -2pm. Eventually 2pm came, and Sheena was given the gas, and the MRI took 30 minutes. Just as she was about to go in, I overheard them requesting a bed so that Sheena could recover for 4 hours. Upon asking what that was all about, they explained that after we'd had the consult with the Anesthestist, Sheena was classed as 'high-risk' because of her heart issues, DS, Pred treatment, and dehydration. In short, it was really only the dehydration they were worried about, because previously they've only ever given her the usual 30 minute recovery period. I know that some delays can be expected, but it was really ordinary that her health was being comprimised to the point that the procedure became 'high-risk'.

So eventually she had the MRI, and we all got home in one hot-piece. Sheena is recovering well, and is smiling and cooing, along with crying and whinging.


Jessica said...

I'm sorry your day didn't run as smoothly as you were hoping for. Hospitals are a pain in the rear! Glad to know that you all came out in one piece though!

Kim Ayres said...

Tough day. It's a shame Sheena didn't scream the place down - perhaps they'd have seen here quicker then ;)

Michelle said...

How frustrating! It makes no sense to keep a baby waiting all afternoon when she can't have anything to eat or drink! Babies don't understand if they're hungry and not being fed! How awful they made her wait so long! Glad you're all home now though!

Kim Ayres said...

Just a quick Merry Christmas to you all :)

Sara said...

We have problems when Nathaniel gets his MRIs too..And NEVER NEVER let them give her Ketamine or Ketalare...they have very bad sidaffects, like hulucinations (sp) and Nathaniel had that..he went crazy and we had to take him to the ER, it was awful!!!