Friday, December 22, 2006

Sitting Up like Jackie

Sheena recovered very well from her General Anesthetic. I still gave her plenty of re cooperation time, and she had a pretty relaxing day all up.

She is slowly starting to eat bigger quantities of food. This morning, she had almost a whole weatbix, for lunch she had carrot and yoghurt, and for dinner she had pumpkin, a taste of mango, a taste of banana, and then finished off her yoghurt from lunchtime. Yes, Sheena LOVES yoghurt. She might have been so interested in food today because she only had jelly yesterday during her recovery.

Here she is sitting up like Jackie during a good long chat with Nan.


Christina said...

Ok I am testing if my google works....

Christina said...

Cool, it works :-) I am so technical!
I saw your comment about Sheena having Translocation 14;21. Cool! I know a Swedish girl who was born in April with the same T21. You said you also knew an other girl with 21;21, does she have a blog? I have only come across two other people in the world so far with the 21;21, and I would love to get in touch with more people. Not that it matters what kind it really is, I just find it a bit facinating.
Are you and your husband carriers? We found out after a long 6 week wait period (they told us it would take about 3 weeks) that we were not.

And, of course, the pics of Sheena are as adorable as ever! I love the sitting up picture.
HAppy New Year to you!