Monday, December 18, 2006

Catch Up - The Rest

The rest of the week was all good. Sheena is now playing with her toes for a good length of time. Her Childcare day went fairly well, but she didn't sleep well again. We took her to Christmas Carol's with some friends, but she seemed pretty overwhelmed by everything, so was not really in the groove of it. Likewise for a BBQ we went to Ava's first birthday party. She was pretty non-plussed, but I think she was effected by the heat - even in the shade it was hot. She doesn't really play much outside, mainly because she isn't mobile yet. Probably just sitting outside in amongst all the celebrations was enough for her.


Sara said...

Sheena is absolutely adorable!!!!!! I am not sure what West Syndrome is tho ?
Thanks for popping by my blog :) If it is ok, I will add you to my links :)


amy flege said...

oh look at her on her tummy!! she looks like she is doing wonderful jo!
She is getting strong and stronger every day!! yeah

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear the rest of the week was all good!