Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Muma Mumma

We had a much needed day at home. Sheena had her physio session - a bit grumpy with the whole affair, but not too bad. After stressing and stressing about this blood test that Sheena has to have, I have decided to wait until after Christmas, because it is not urgent anyway. The whole MRI ordeal will be enough for her this week, so if I can avoid the bloods, I will.
Sheena is now saying muma mumma. When I bring her close to me, she says it, with a very concentrated look on her face. When she is grumpy, she says, Nan Nan Nan Nan, Nan. Sorry Nan.

So tomorrow is the MRI day. She has to fast from 5am, so I am going to wake her up for a feed, then hopefully she will fall back to sleep OK.

Sheena has gone from a love affair with her hands to a love affair with her feet.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Mumma is such the sweetest word to hear!

Sounds like a good decision to wait on the blood test - and no more stressing about it!