Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jo's Theories

One of my theories about the 20 second seizures that Sheena developed while she was on her Prednisolone treatment, was that they were caused from severe calcium deficiency - or hypocalcemia. Other than the seizures, the most prominent symptom was her dreadful grimacing and eye fluttering.
Today, I started to Google for some fresh blogs to read - particularly other bloggers that have kids with IS and DS (none found so far - but still looking). While searching, I found an article on 'Calcium and Myoclonic Seizures'. http://www.researchinghealth.com/?p=3174 which also theorises that calcium levels can have an influence on seizures - particular seizures in kids that have DS. The main reason that I am VERY interested in this still, is not to prove that my hypocalcemia theory was right, but rather, it might mean that Sheena doesn't have to take Epilim to control seizures. She might have only been having the seizures because of the Pred. When I told the Neuro about my calcium theory, he said 'unlikely', but I plan to push the topic a lot more in our next appointment with him.

Other than my latest and greatest medical theories, Sheena and I hosted Local Mother's Group today. I call my 'Mother's Group', my 'Local Mother's Group' to my family to avoid confusion with the 'Down Syndrome Coffee Group'. I wanted to avoid having to say my 'Normal Mother's Group', for obvious reasons. Recently I got completely confused, and called my DS Coffee Group, my 'Local DS Coffee Group'. Anyway, it was boiling hot, so we ramped up the aircon, and stayed inside the house; talking, eating chocolate-cake and icecream. A typical day in the life of a new mum...??? The babies all had a ball playing with the Christmas tree, and Sheena's toys got a work-out too. Sheena got kissed, hit on the head, and surrounded by the boys (not all at the same time). All the babies loved it.

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