Saturday, December 09, 2006

No Possums, Spiders Now

Sheena was stuck in the house all day. It was 37'C today, with lots of smoke in the air from distant bushfires, so not a good day for a baby to be out. We stayed in too, apart from me doing a grocery shop and an early morning bike-ride (despite the smoke).
The possum has left. A good thing too, because we needed to close the ensuite window for the air-conditioner to work. Never boring at our house, there is also a red-back spider living on our front fence. We were doing some weeding, and I came across this deadly little spider, and her egg-sac of more deadly baby-spiders ready to wreak havoc.

So, back to Sheena. She was great in the bath tonight. She's always liked a bath, but just having one was usually exciting enough for her. Now she is getting a lot more interactive, and laughs when we squirt her with a bath-toy. She also seemed to like being dunked for a change. I had her sitting facing me, and I was trying to get her to balance herself. I was giving her kisses, and she leaned in for more, and put her hands up against me to stop her face falling into the water. This is great, because we haven't seen this reflex before, and its needed for when she starts to sit on her own to avoid whacking her face into the floor.

Here is a photo of Sheena about a week ago while she was going through a "My hands amazing" stage.


Michelle said...

aren't you finding all kinds of wonderful suprises around the house?! Yuck!

mum2brady said...

possums yes - deadly australian spiders - no wayyyy! Yuck! Love the pic of Sheena and her hands though - soooo precious!!!