Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yoghurt Please

Well a big step forward today - Sheena finally started eating solids again. We were about to head out for a walk, and I finished off my morning coffee in front of Sheena in her buggy. I noticed Sheena watching the whole process with great interest. I grabbed some baby yoghurt from the fridge, and she ate the whole tub. Phew.

Not coincendentally, Sheena has reduced her Pred dosage down to only 2mls at night. The final week of weaning from it, so we are finally on the home stretch of this ordeal.


Christy said...

Go the munchikin.
Heading back towards *the real Sheena*

amy flege said...

yeah sheena!! she sounds like she is doing well. i love her chubby cheeks!!

Michelle said...

that's great news with starting to eat foods again!