Sunday, November 26, 2006

Party Time

We took Sheena to two birthday parties today. For a 3rd birthday in the morning and a 1st birthday in the afternoon. Sheena was fine for the whole day - we left at 9.30 and didn't get home until 4, so it was a big day out for her.
One of our friends who has been amazingly supportive of us through the last couple of months was so excited to see Sheena smile. Her 2 year old daughter, who is very fond of Sheena, was also happy saying, "Sheena not sick!"


Christy said...

I'm so happy she is better.
We did the same thing when she started to improve "SHEENA'S GETTING BETTER".
Love it :)

Shelley said...

Wow! What a party trooper - I bet she has a whale of a time at Christmas!

amy flege said...

awww.. i am so thrilled to hear that everyday your little one is doing so well!! and for a 2 year old to notice she is doing better on top of it!!

Michelle said...

what wonderful news! So glad to hear she was able to make it through both birthday parties!