Saturday, November 18, 2006

Over Sheena Overnight

There is a reason why this one is yawning... Since Sheena went off solids a while ago this is what has started to happen:

Go to sleep very well at 7pm-ish
Sheena's wakes up at 2am & cries out
Dad goes and gets her
Sheena is plonked in bed with me while she frantically thrashes around until she is fed
Dad goes to the spare bed in the cold bedroom downstairs so that he can (allegedly) function at work the next day.
Sheena stays in bed with me taking up significantly more space than necessary until she then wakes up at 5am ready for overnight feed #2...

There was significant leeway when she was very sick, but now her health is improving somewhat (and she is back on solids) she is going to lose these midnight wake-up, be fed and cuddled privileges. I foresee some rather exhausting nights ahead, but better now than in a month's time.

Those wasps that were attacking us were attacked back today. They were actually bees. Pest control came out this morning. Feel a lot more relaxed at not hearing swarming everytime I walk into the lounge-room.

At request from Aunty Christy, here is a close-up of happy Sheena:


amy flege said...

so glad to see her so happy! it made my night!!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is very happy in this clip, and so adorable as always.

Michelle said...

I loved the close up video! She is so happy and excited!