Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Go Sheena!

Sheena rolled today - back to tummy. Go Sheena!

We went to a Peadiatric Chiropractor yesterday. Most people hate waiting at the Doctor's but by this stage, I am completely over it. I arrived on time, and seriously, there were 3 babies in the waiting room. I asked the receptionist how long it would be, and she said that he's running behind and all these babies ahead of you. I don't think I hid my frustration well. Why should a Chiropractor be able to load up patients - it is not like he had an emergency adjustment earlier in the day that put him behind.

Anyway, he suggested that her lower back was out, and she had a stiff neck. The lower back might be limiting her bowel movements, so it will be good to get that sorted out. Worse, though, he thinks we need to address alergy issues. He suggests that we cut out milk, soy, eggs and wheat from Sheena's diet. Her diet, and mine, because of the breastfeeding. This is simply not going to work. I love all food, not just meat, fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, Sheena loves breastfeeding, so she wouldn't be happy if I switched her to goats-milk formula, and said good luck to you bubba. So, we will just sit on that advice for the time-being.

Sheena and I finally made it to my local Mother's Group today. She was excellent - happily played on the floor, and had a nap on the couch for a while. Although Sheena's delays are more noticable now that the babies are 10 months old, given the huge issues that she's gone through recently, I think she is doing very well. The Neurologist had said a month ago that it would be another 6 months before she got back to how she was before her Infantile Spasms started, but I think we are already back to that point. Anything earlier than six months is a bonus.


Jessica said...

Wow! Good luck figuring out that diet! I need to go to the chiropractor myself!!!

amy flege said...

hope they chiro helps!! and good luck on deciding on the new diet. i dont think i could do it either!!! sheena is doing great!!! you must be so excited to see her excelling!! i know i am!!!

Michelle said...

WTG on the rolling Sheena! that's wonderful and exciting news!