Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not there yet.

While Sheena was OK today, she did have a total of 3 spasms. She was still smiling, rolling etc, so she's not suffering as much, but... she is still struggling with seizure control. I'd been starting to get pretty optimistic about things, and was wondering last night if we should reduce her dose slightly, but that thought was fleeting when she had a spasm early in the morning, then two more early afternoon.

It is very difficult trying to assess what might have bought them back. It could be so many things... Some kids go on a ketogenic diet (no-carb, high-fat diet) and it helps control epilepsy. Sheena's seizures seemed to stop when she went off everything except breastmilk (thanks to her throat infection). So that fits in with the ketogenic diet basics. She had some whey-formula yesterday, so it could be that. She'd been on antibiotics, so I even wonder if that stopped the spasms. Stressful+++


Jessica said...

Wow! That is stressful! I'll be praying!!

Michelle said...

I can imagine how stressful it must be to pinpoint what is causing the spasms again. At least she was still having a good day despite the spasms!