Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday's Saga

Yesterday, Sheena was absolutely fine. She gave her Nan a series of smiles during her bedtime bottle. However, she woke up about 5 times overnight, crying and very difficult to settle. Hubby was not feeling good about it at about 3am, and was thinking we should get someone to look at her, but I thought it might just be a bad night. However, in the morning she looked terrible. Crying if not on her side and being comforted, a stuffed up nose, watery, puffy eyes and a temperature of 38.2, then 38.7, then by the time we got her to the hospital she was 39.1. Her first fever :( The obvious thing to check for was a UTI, so she had a cathetar, that was clear (so far, but they still have to culture it over a couple of days). They gave her some panadol, and she fell asleep. She woke up looking very lethargic, unresponsive and just lying on her side sucking her do-do. But then, as quickly as it had come, she bounced back. She started to do little wiggles, and happy faces. Not quite happy baby dances, but near enough. When we left, her temperature was down to 37. I was happy to have that down, as she's more prone to having febrile-convulsions. Hubby had a cold earlier in the week, so the Doc thought it was probably just a viral infection.

This was all after a night out for Hubby and I. We got home at midnight, so we weren't really up for the overnight shift. At least she's doing OK for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hoping that she feels better soon. It's no fun at all to have something brewing about causing us to feel icky and crabby.

Hugs to Sheena and mum.

amy flege said...

isnt it scary when they cant tell you what is wrong? a month ago mayson came down with croup. it hit her soooo fast!
glad sheena is feeling better!

Michelle said...

so sorry to hear she got so sick; hopefully it was just a virus and sounds like she is doing much better now - thank goodness!