Saturday, November 11, 2006

Still Smiling

Today, hubby and I went to a wedding. As it turns out, Sheena could have easily come, but (thinking that she would be completely wigging out) we had already booked a sitter to look after her. The ceremony was outdoors in a park, surrounded by trees, and chirping birds. The groom was no where to be seen, but as the music started, he absailed down a tree, complete in formal suit, surprising all the guests. At the end of the vows, we had to go around a camp fire that was lit by an aboriginal guy. As everyone was drowned in smoke, it symbolized refreshing our spirits. Once the fire was almost out, the bride and groom jumped over the camp fire - I think that was meant to symbolize something too, but it was very entertaining regardless. To finalize the affair, the bride and groom jumped over a dijeridoo, and everyone cheered. A very memorable and lovely wedding.

Sheena was doing well. A repeat of yesterday, and more smiling.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a nice time at the wedding - so glad to hear she had another great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks so cute. I just love those sweet chubby cheeks-even if they are steriod induced. :)