Wednesday, February 07, 2007

When it rain it pours

I've wanted to meet another family that have gone through the whole Infantile Spasms ordeal since Sheena was diagnosed. I have spoken to the Epilepsy Foundation, checked blogs, but to no avail. My only connection was a yahoo group with parents chatting about the different treatments and the like. However over the last 2 days I have been connected with two other families within a 30 minute drive from us that also had the diagnosis.
Here is Sheena particularly delighted in her wave jumping exploits.


Christina said...

Wow that is great! Glad you found some so close by. Sheena is looking like a happy camper in the water :-)

Jessica said...

That's great that you found 2 other families!!

Christy said...

Are the kids of a similar age? It would be good to meet them.

Alice said...

This is a gorgeous photograph. Your daughter is a real cutie! Thanks for stopping by my blog - so you were born in Nova Scotia? And now you live in Australia - where abouts? My husband has lots of family in Melbourne, they are coming out here for a reunion this September so that should be fun. We have both lived in the Uk most of our lives though. It's such a small world, and seems so much smaller when you're in blogworld too!
I look forward to reading more about Sheena.
Alice :-)

Traci said...

Hello, I followed your blog from Always Chaos around here. My name is Traci and my daughter Ashlyn is 7 and has Down syndrome. She also had infantile spasms as a baby. They started around 4 mos old and gone at 16 months. She is doing awesome! Feel free to contact me!