Friday, February 09, 2007

Mum keen to act.

I have just expanded my repotoire. I had been busy lately, and had not had time to surf the web, but I have just read a few fantastic blogs. I have updated my blogs of interest with a few great reads.

Today, we are going to the Hospital for a second opinion with another Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. We are keen get the fluid in Sheena's ears treated. That is on the notes from the 1st ENT Dr we saw, "Mum keen to act". We are a bit worried that he is 'old school', and was just letting it go until Sheena is 18 months. Doesn't make much sense given that hearing is so critical for learning and developing.

While we are in there, we are going to get Sheena weighed. She is back to eating nothing. She'll drink, but it is really starting to stress me out again. I think it is a natural parenting thing to stress about that, even if specialist say not to. Sheena had a dietitian appointment last Friday and she was very practical and very helpful. She suggested liverworst, pate, white sauce to expand Sheena's dietary intake. The liverworst and pate are rich in vitamins, and calories. Sheena took to them at first but yesterday and today, wanted nothing.
Also, Sheena now has a top tooth to match her bottom tooth. It cut-through a week or so ago.


Zany Mama said...

Thanks so much for stoppin by - I'm really glad to have found your blog!

As far as "mum keen to act" - heck yeah to that. As a parent who has to advocate daily for my child, I'd say that's a huge compliment.

BStrong said...

Liverworst? I thought I was the only one that eats that.

The one thing about my Amanda is that she like to eat, which means that I stress over her eating to much, go figure.

We parents can never relax.

jennifer said...


I know there's a doc note somewhere saying the same thing about me, too. I am keen to act!

I have a blog for parents of children with DS called Pinwheels and I'd like to link to you...I can't remember if I asked earlier (embarrassing) but I'd like to...
let me know?


Kim Ayres said...

I don't think I've ever tried liverworst. But if ever there was a name to put you off trying something...

Christina said...

Not to doubt your motherly feelings or anything, but I wouldn't eat that Liverwurst tjing either.... I think she is just one smar tlittle lady!

I am going to make a post with pics from the PT meeting today and show some of the crawling exercises. Vince did awesome,s he also showed me some exercises to get him from laying to sitting. he got it almost immediately and can do it with minimum help.

jotcr2 said...

Jennifer: You can link to my site Jennifer. Not a problem.

Christina: Look forward to seeing the videos. Amazing that Vince picked up the moves 1st go.

Kim: Never had liverworst in my life before but it is DELICIOUS. I had to ask the dietician where to buy it. It is very fattening though, but small tastes are OK.

jennifer said...

Thanks! And I forgot to weigh in on the it!