Monday, February 05, 2007

Wave Jumping

We spent a couple of nights down at the beach again. We took Sheena down to the Ocean and she practiced wave jumping. We were just going to wet her feet and hands, but she got so excited, we ended up letting her get in properly.

Today, she went swimming again at a pool party for my local mothers group. She seems happy enough in the water, but that fair skin makes swimming out in the sun a bit scary.


Shelley said...

cute video - that water looked so cool and I am sweltering inside at the moment. I hope that Sheena is better at wearing hats than Hannah - that fair skin is a nightmare!

Michelle said...

she sure was enjoying the waves!

amy flege said...

what a cute video!! she really likes the water, doesnt she!! Mayson loves the water. i cant wait to get her to the beach this summer!