Friday, February 16, 2007

Lovely in Lilac

I am going to organise some extra physiotherapy sessions for Sheena, and pay for them privately. It has been very limited through her EI service lately - especially over the Christmas break, along with us changing services. We think she is at the cusp of developing new skills, like getting into and out of sitting, pivoting, and baring weight better, but I don't think we've been shown how to develop this as well as possible. The last time Sheena had a 1-1 physio session, the therapy lasted less than 5 minutes, and the rest was talking about other stuff. It is now just a matter of fitting this in to our week, but I only think Sheena will need 3 or 4 half hour sessions before I can maintain the rage at home.

Here is Sheena ready for bed in her new PJ's from Aunty Christy.


Jessica said...

I love lilac! It's my favorite color and looks so good on Sheena!

Michelle said...

She does look lovely in lilac!

A book that helped me with PT exercises for Kayla is the Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down syndrome book. You can find it at and probably too.

Christina said...

That is excellent that you decided to do the extra PT. It is great to learn some new exercises. I am sure Sheena will learn alot!

L. Noelle said...

Isn't it funny how our living rooms slowly turn into kids play gyms? I highly recommend getting as much therapy as you are able to get. It really helps. We get PT 3 times a week, 1/2 hour each session for Jaden. It is a lot, but it does help him and us. Everytime our PT says, "next he'll be doing this, so you should do that to get him there", the very next day, he is doing it! It's like she's psychic! Best of luck with that!